About Us

Advanced Medical Devices
for Intelligent Regenerative Medicine

Inflammatory and degenerative diseases are among the most common and among the most important human diseases. Despite years of research, researchers have been unable to clarify the pathogenic mechanisms of these diseases. The treatment of these diseases is therefore mainly symptomatic. Many types of treatments are offered in a one fits all type of therapy. A lot of patients are dissatisfied with these treatments, because often, they end in failure forcing the patient to pursue alternative medical treatments.

This situation was one of the reasons for us to found Arthrogen GmbH as a medical device manufacturer to develop products offering better therapeutic requirements.

Arthrogen focuses its research and development activities on autologous cell therapies for endogenous regeneration. This uses cells that are located in the body and can initiate self-regeneration processes; these can be stem cells, but also tissue-specific progenitor cells, immune cells or their mediators.

Our “Gold-Induced Cytokines” technology and aligned products have a long track record to help doctors to treat patients individually for various diseases. The CE-certified medical devices helping to produce an “Autologous Gold-Activated Serum”  for numerous ailments, including musculoskeletal injuries and serious systemic auto-immune conditions.

"In regenerative medicine, a double paradigm shift is taking place: Individual intervention instead of drugs for the masses, and regeneration instead of repair."

Meet The Team

We are flexible, creative, and open-minded to match the challenges of today and the future. 

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schneider

Founder & CEO

Joe-Henry Schulte