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New technologies and therapies are guided by the vision of understanding the body as a complex and integrated system.

Our CE certified medical devices offer a novel technology that allows side effect free treatments in the autologous system.

They enable a special form of individualized medicine. They support the physician in the treatment of inflammatory and degenerative diseases and thus the body’s own REGENERATION.


Veterinary has had an important role in the translational process offering the missing link between basic science and human clinical applications. Many natural occurring diseases encountered in humans also pose a problem in veterinary patients with similar pathology and aetiopathogenesis.

Ortho & Sports Medicine

What is our orthopedic regenerative medical devices used for? It supports physicians to improve pain and discomfort of patient’s musculoskeletal system, to restore their function and to enhance the healing of orthopedic conditions, such as injuries of a tendon, ligament, muscle, cartilage, or other musculoskeletal tissue.


Regenerative treatments have shown great promise in treating numerous types of injuries and chronic conditions, including degenerative spinal conditions, like disc herniation and spinal stenosis.


Introducing a novel technology involving pre-conditioning of autologous patient whole blood with gold particles to induce autologous protein production. The aim is treating various systemic diseases (allergies, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, and other diseases).


We evaluate the efficacy and safety of serum rich in gold induced cytokines eye drops in patients with glaucoma with secondary ocular surface disorders (OSDs) due to surgeries and topical hypotensive drugs use.

Dental Medicine

The main objective of using tissue regeneration is to create robust gum tissue that is tightly connected to the teeth in order to prevent the gums from receding further.

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